2015: The Adventure so far

Random thought: whenever I start to pour my mind out on paper, I always feel at least a little nagging pressure to open with something flashy or otherwise attention-getting. Likely everyone who’s ever had a public blog will tell you that it’s all in the delivery of the intro, and without any smoke and mirrors to captivate a reader into reading more, your post could very well fall on deaf and bored ears.


Yes! Keep reading!

Actually to be honest, things in my world have been quite eventful. What’s the latest….well let’s see. Right off the top of my head…

1) I successfully completed 90 days with Red Bull, and am now the proud owner of a multi-million dollar portfolio to manage. Finance is super fast-paced, and most days fly by as my head spins from the moment I walk in until the moment I leave. It’s high pressure and there’s a lot to answer for, but to tell you the truth, I love it 🙂 It’s my job to make sense of chaos, to find a method in the madness, and I’d be lying if that concept didn’t transcend most of my life. In fact, as crazy as most days are, it equips me with time and personal management skills that I can put to use outside of the office. The entire finance team is wonderful, and I already have many within that I am becoming tight with. I really appreciate Red Bull’s approach to things. I’ve never had an employer be so involved with my personal and professional development as they are. For the first time in a long time I am asking myself, and not only asking but also being accountable to questions like what am I doing with myself long term? What are my secondary/advanced education aspirations? How am I taking real time proactive steps to obtain my goals? It’s caused me to start looking within myself and really finding answers that are unique to me. It hasn’t always been easy, but introspection is a personal process.

2) I have moved into my own spot and managed to find peace in my own routine. This has truly been priceless. For so long I found myself coming home and feeling weird about the quiet, simply because I was still so rattled from everything last fall and winter. Let me tell you something: quiet is an amazing thing. And I use the term “quiet” in so many different ways, but you can take this how you will. Subsequently I feel a lot healthier, I’m training at and on my own pace, and I simply just feel better. I needed this more than I ever realized.

3) The wonderful people at Red Ace Organics have been kind enough to extend to me a sponsorship opportunity and supply me with their wonderful product this year. I now hopefully get to bump elbows with the likes of Tyler Mccandless and Jared Nieters. I truly love their beet juice shots and believe in their ability to help me perform better as an athlete. I have done significant research on the science aspect, and for me, you can’t go wrong with Red Ace. I also appreciate the fact that they are local to us (Boulder) and are willing to provide athletes like me a chance to develop my potential and see how far it takes me. My friends at Red Ace can be found at your local Whole Foods Store or directly at http://www.redaceorganics.com. I am super stoked!

3) Last, but certainly not least, the 2015 racing season is underway. Initially I was nervous for a number of reasons about it, but not anymore. From a physical standpoint my cardiovascular endurance is probably the best it’s ever been, my vertical gain stamina/time on my feet could use some work but I’ll definitely iron that out between now and the Salt Flats 100. Rest assured, I am doing my homework even though I keep most of my runs/workouts off social media. It’s a funny thing, as the race continues to approach, I actually find myself less and less nervous about the actual physical performance. I am however, finding myself more and more emotional as I look forward to it. It represents so much more to me this year. All of 2015 does. I never set out to live my life or do the things in it with anyone’s approval or disapproval. Maybe I’ve had a rougher path than most, and nothing has ever come easy, but it’s shaped me as a person. I find myself even getting choked up about how I’ll feel at the airport, how I’ll feel at the pre-race meeting, and how I’ll feel toeing the line on that morning. But one thing is for certain, and that is my strength is coming from a different place inside me this year. Running an ultra race like this, especially solo as I have chosen to do, strips a person down psychologically slowly but surely. You are broken down to your very psyche, beat up, tested, and often times left with only your internal dialogue and personal reasons as to why to continue on. But, this year, and maybe for the first time in a while, I know what those personal reasons are 🙂

Coming to the Salt in April or a starting line near you soon,

– Adam


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