Fighting the anti-climactic off-season

With winter fast approaching in Colorado, it unfortunately means that for a lot of people the running racing season has come to a close.

This can be a tough time of year for many. For me personally, I struggle finding acceptance of the shorter days and lessened exposure to sunlight. It affects my mood, and of course the colder weather makes it more difficult to get outside during winter months.

However, not all is lost. For a runner, this can be a fantastic time for personal reflection, peace, and rejuvenation. In the frenzy of a busy racing/training schedule, it can be difficult to remember to stop and take moments to appreciate the entirety of the experiences you’ve had, and pat yourself on the back for the job you’ve done. For someone like me, this is especially true. Often I find myself never being satisfied – always thinking of those people that passed me or if some of my times could of been better had I pushed harder. I see elites that are my heroes and look up to talk about distances and times in a casual, nonchalant manner that boggle my mind. I want to accomplish so much more. I want to be on their level.

In retrospect though, once I settle the overly competitive part of my brain down long enough to think logically, I had a great time this summer and had several milestones of my own. Overcoming IT band syndrome, several PR’s, and even began traveling to feed my trail running addiction. I met a lot of amazing, inspirational people along the way. I’m grateful to be part of a community that is still grassroots, and where everyone supports each other. It’s wonderful to toe the starting line with people who are just as crazy and eccentric as I am.

That said, the season continues on in full swing as far as I’m concerned, with only a few minor tweaks. I’ll be traveling through the winter months to different states so I can continue to run trail races while I wait for the harsh Colorado winter to pass. On times that I can’t get on a plane or drive far enough, there are several indoor endurance events that I’ll be participating in to stay sharp. I refuse to let the cold push me into inactivity, especially considering that I want to make 2014 a banner year.

In conclusion, I wish everyone well on their personal journeys this off season. I hope you find fulfillment in whatever you choose to do to stay active.

As for me, I’m coming with everything I have to bring the house down in 2014.


One thought on “Fighting the anti-climactic off-season

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