Bear Chase Post-race Report

Bear Chase Post-race Report

A lot of adversity came this year to the Bear Chase Trail Race Series, which is held every fall in Bear Creek Park. The flooding has reeked havoc on the park, which actually caused all the course distances to not only be re-routed, but due to the continuing rain actually forced the race to host all the races on one day.

Before I get into the details, my hats off to David Mantley and the crew that puts this race on. I’m sure they were pulling their hair out this year trying to keep it together.

That said, I hate to be harsh, but I really didn’t enjoy this years race nearly as much as last years. I ran the 50K last year and opted to run the 1/2 marathon this year as I’ve been in the grips of a stubborn chest cold the last week or so and didn’t want to overdo it so as to render myself useless for the following week.

It was hard for me enjoy myself out on the course, as it felt like a big clusterf**k from the get-go. A great deal of the race was on pavement due to the re-route, which made things miserable and uninteresting to me as I despise running on pavement. With all the races consolidated into one day, it meant all 100K, 50mile, 50K, 1/2 marathon, and 10K runners were all out on the course at the same time. At several points I saw many racers simply looking lost and the course overall just felt clustered and confusing.

I guess one of the positives that actually did come of this race is my ability to deal with adversity while out on the course. It tests your physical and mental stamina to have your “groove” thrown off so many times by different factors, so at least it added to my tool-bucket in that department.

I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a dick, but I really think I would’ve been better off heading up to Vail that weekend to run the Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) Oh well, it is what it is and I realize that there are always gonna be circumstances that are out of anyone’s control.

My time corresponded with my mood (not great) at 1:52:32 and 40th out of 378 people.

Hopefully next year will bring better luck to the Bear Chase. Onward and upward.

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