The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin

The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin

I’m super stoked to leave on Friday morning for The North Face Endurance Challenge at Kettle Moraine State Forest in Eagle, Wisconsin. I have opted to run the 50K which will take place on Saturday morning.

Looking at some of the video and photos of past races here, it looks to offer some fun trail terrain, and unpredictable weather. I feel relatively confident as I am in great shape, and will be racing at a significantly lower elevation out there. There looks to be some big names at this event so I plan to meet a lot of people and learn all I can from those who have been doing this a long time.

My goals for this don’t really include turning in a specific time, but rather, having a smooth, clean, and consistent pace and performance. Gonna be listening to my body and hope to develop a stronger sense of my ability level for ultra distances. This will be my 3rd 50K, so I’m still pretty green, but I think this will be an excellent race for me to “gauge” where it is I should be falling with my performance so I know what to expect of myself in the future.

I fly out of DIA on Friday morning into Milwaukee, and back early Monday morning. Woohoo! Lets do it!

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