Brooks reels me back in no matter how hard I try to resist

Brooks reels me back in no matter how hard I try

After my disappointing experience with the Merrell Mix Master 2’s, I began my next hunt for a solid and well performing trail shoe. The Merells were uncomfortable and unresponsive to me. Incidently, I have a pair of Brooks Pureflow 2’s that I fell in love with several months back, and essentially began looking for the “trail” version. Man o man did I find it in the Puregrit. I love these shoes.

On a sidenote, I have really tried my damnedest to get into other shoes besides Brooks – no significant reason why really, other than a mild sense of rebellion from what is widely considered one of the best running shoe manufacturers ever. I’ve been using the car analogy to describe and explain my seemingly hot/cold relationship with Brooks shoes: Other cars may come along with gimmicky features i.e Hyundai or Suzuki, but in most cases they simply don’t measure up to the hallmark that is a Honda or Toyota. No disrespect to anyone who drives either/or, that’s just the gist of it. But I digress….

I ran a tough trail marathon with these right out of the box and they kicked ass. Superb grip, super light, contoured to my foot well, and had excellent response and the “pop” I was looking for. It’s still relatively early in the relationship between me and the Puregrit, but I have a good feeling that these will soon become a fav of mine. They didn’t disappoint me one bit out there, and Brooks shoes being what they are, I don’t think that they will.

I am running the Bergen Peak 1/2 Trail Marathon with these on Saturday, and can’t wait to fly across the trails.

We have a winner! Brooks Puregrit!

One thought on “Brooks reels me back in no matter how hard I try to resist

  1. Hi there, and thanks so much for the follow! We have to agree: Brooks are a hard habit to break … we both ran in them for a while in road races, then switched to Altras. G recently bought a pair of Brooks trail shoes, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to Brooks for my next pair. Good luck!

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