My review of the Merrell Mix Master 2 Trail Shoes

My review of the Merrell Mix Master 2 Trail Shoes

I’ve put about 200 miles on these things and figured I’d review them.

First off, I’m a 5’11, 165 pound flat footer with a mid/forefoot strike. Over the last year I have made a gradual transition from bulky stability shoes to neutral minimal in an attempt to steady my supination on the right side, and to train myself to run with less impact and a more natural form.

Out of 5 stars, I give the Mix Masters a solid 3. Why you ask? Read on….

These were relatively light and flexible out of the box, and the first thing I noticed once I got them out on the trail was their superb grip and roomy toe box. I’ve run some tough races with insane inclines and never once felt slippage or durability issues.

However, despite all the good, these just didn’t have the response or “pop” I was looking for. In addition, I did feel “hot spots” on my feet on super long runs. Perhaps I should’ve went a half size down (I’m a size 13) when I initially purchased them, as that may have corrected some of the “looseness” I felt in these. The ride in these did get a little harsh for me at times, but overall it’s not a bad shoe. Now that I think about it more I really should’ve gone a half size lower, as I suspect that could’ve changed my whole review on these.

In closing, they’re a solid pair of trail shoes that are much better than their predecessor.


– Excellent grip and flex
– Lightweight
– Durable


– Lack of response
– Hot spots on long runs
– A little harsh for my taste

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