PR at Sand Creek 1/2 Marathon

PR at Sand Creek 1/2 Marathon

Wooohooo! I was able to crank out a PR of 1:35:21 at the 2013 Sand Creek 1/2 in Stapleton.

The race was held at Central Park and was a benefit for Bluff Lake Nature Center.

All in all I had a great race and felt super all the way through til the end. I had an epic sprint on about the last 100 or so yards to the finish that garnered crazy cheers from everyone. It felt amazing.

Post race hang out was sweet – breakfast burritos and plenty to much on. I still feel like I can get my 1/2 time way down, perhaps to a sub 1:30 time, but as time goes on I’m feeling more and more that my strength lies in powering through longer distance runs like Ultras. I find I have a decent amount of speed for shorter races, but feel like my best abilities are my tenacity, grit, and mental toughness which tends to fare better in trail racing and ultra distances.

I’m not very fast but I can go a long time (wink wink) 🙂

Anywho, this may be one of last 1/2’s I do competitively, as I feel my calling rests with trail ultra running. That’s certainly not to say I may not do them from time to time for fitness maintenance, but I am slowly but surely drifting away and losing interest in conventional road races and shorter distances.

The mountains, trails, and high country are forever calling my name….

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