2013 Mount Evans Ascent

2013 Mount Evans Ascent

Racing Underground hosted the 2013 Mount Evans Ascent. The race is coined “America’s highest road race” and draws top running talent from around the country. The course begins at Echo Lake near Idaho Springs, at approx 10,500 feet. From there, it’s a grueling 14.5 mile, 4,000 vertical foot trek to the finish line on the summit of Mount Evans.

I trained diligently for this race, but training and actually racing are indeed two separate things. I found I could effectively handle this course in “bursts.” Essentially I just alternated between running pick-ups and high speed race walking. There is absolutely no reprieve from going uphill except the slight descent to Summit Lake at near mile 9.

The scenery is exceptionally beautiful along the run, and even more amazing at the summit. I trudged along, and cranked out a 2:36 time, just under the 2:40 qualification to earn a trophy rock. Sweet!

Post race festivities including chowing down at Echo Lake Lodge and chatting with other athletes. Kudos to Darin and Racing Underground for this fantastic race that is staple for endurance athletes. See you next year!

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