The 2012 Bear Chase 50K Ultra

The 2012 Bear Chase 50K Ultra

This was my first 50K. As I write this, I am reminded that I have had a rather unconventional path to ultra running. Before this 50K, I had run a half marathon and a handful of 5K’s. Yes…5K’s. I did participate in cross country in HS, and had some success with it, but honestly this whole “ultra” thing was a random idea I had and figured I’d give a shot. I had no idea what to expect.

The Bear Chase is held in Bear Creek Park, near Morrison and C470. It is a mild to moderately technical trail ultra, consisting of loops.

I honestly felt alright for about the first 17 miles, then fatigue and mechanical break-down of my body began to sit in. In retrospect, I was pretty foolish for attempting such an event. My body was not ready for the rigors of distance running, not to mention the psychological attack an ultra runner undergoes when racing.

The last 10 or so miles were a disaster. I was in so much pain that I really did consider dropping out, but me being the stubborn son of a bitch I am, kept on going despite the obvious risks.

I came in at just under 6 hours. Exhausted, beat up, and swearing that I’d never again attempt such a thing. (Ha, that didn’t last long)

Overall the race went well. Smooth, clearly marked course with well stocked aid stations. I’ll be back.

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